Data as a Service

Datahedron is a development service provider with a strong focus on delivering the data insights any future-proof business requires in order to tackle the toughest business decisions.
Constantly aligned to your needs and requirements, we support you in the implementation of big data, data science, and cloud projects.

The following key attributes are embedded in the core of each new Data Platform we build:

  • Scalability

  • Data-driven microservices

  • Robustness


The bedrock of future-proof business 

Centralized Data Platform

Building a single version of the truth data repository where we aggregate and remove scattered datasets from third party suppliers and internal systems, thus reducing analysis time and maintenance costs while increasing the visibility and transparency of your business.

Clean & Secure Data

Fixing or removing incorrect, duplicate, incorrectly formatted, corrupted, or incomplete data within a dataset will improve business decision making quality.

Meaningful Analytics

Our business intelligence solutions include reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, text mining, predictive analytics to support a wide range of business decisions - ranging from operational to strategic


Data-driven business requires new data architecture

Data centric companies have always used data, but as we are able to collect more data at higher speed and more cost efficiently, this has a huge impact on how data management needs to adapt.
By building a centralized Data Platform the isolated systems are brought in the foreground, hence your company will have a much more connected data layer thus enabling you to scale and future-proof it with new technologies into the future.


We can build a PoC in a relatively short time frame, depending on the infrastructure complexity.
In this way we minimize the risks ahead and also it provides us with a rough estimation on the work that lies ahead of us.





Agile mindset 

Data as an Asset


We're a team of developers that have an imbedded passion for everything related with data.

We take pride in providing fundamental data integration and analytics services as a product.

Tech Stack

Our technology stack includes but is not limited to:

Cloud Based Data warehouse :

  • AWS 

  • GCP 

  • Azure

  • Snowflake 

On-Premise Data Warehouse solutions:

  • Talend Data Integration 

  • Informatica PowerCenter

  • IBM DataStage

  • Python frameworks 

  • Oracle Data Intergrator (ODI)


We believe that we are living in an age of data and it will only get harder and harder for companies to handle and make sense of it all.

Our goal is to help businesses succeed by making informed decisions using data that matters and is 100% accurate.




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